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5:27pm 04-13-2016
L.V. Marchetti
Functioning works of art.
2:05pm 01-23-2016
Lance Braun
Amazing guitars! <3
12:44pm 01-01-2016
2:31am 10-01-2015
Just found your website. Your work is magnificent! Do you teach building / take apprentices? Sorry about the fire, hope things are well. All the best.
1:33am 08-06-2015
Love your work there Bud!! Love your choice of woods and finishes(everything you do is beautiful), i live in L.A. now but i am from Canada. LOL Moose-Jaw Sask. Keep up the great work!! I'll be in touch....Allan
8:11pm 08-05-2015
Your work looks amazing! I hope to one day play one of your fine instruments!
11:26am 05-17-2015
Je suis français et je te souhaite de vite reconstruire ton atelier afin d offrir du rêve aux musiciens
Eric: )
3:58pm 02-06-2015
Angela Mullins
Hang in there Pete, hope to see you back on your feet soon. Good luck with everything. God Bless...
5:58pm 02-03-2015
Gary Borelli
Just saw your post on Luthier Talk regarding fretboards. Will keep you in mind. Have this site saved in bookmarks now.
7:54am 01-20-2015
Blueblood Originals
All the best in rebuilding the passion!
I just put the word out on my page. Here's hoping you meet your goal SOON!!
10:12pm 01-19-2015
Mauri Rantala
12:14am 01-15-2015
Scott Shorey
Sorry about the fire. Hope you are able to rebuild soon. I'm interested in getting a guitar built when you get up and running again. Scott
8:02pm 01-14-2015
bob barrett
Hey, here's to better luck this year. I really like the semi-hollow with the bottom cut away. I'm curious what you get for them. Thanx bob
2:23pm 01-14-2015
Linda I am shads mom and our lineage is Germany. First settled in Landenberg PA, German baptist. I think his name was Michael peters. From PA the family was given land in VA after the war. A small town. Allied Burnt Chimney.
11:35am 01-14-2015
Kristen Schroeder
So sorry for the loss of your shop but you will rebuild with the support of community. I'd not seen your guitars before but the images in your gallery show a stunning talent.
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