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12:44pm 05-24-2011
Mike Estep
Hello Shad! The website looks great and your guitars look awesome! What an awesome talent you have!
4:27pm 05-23-2011
nice instruments..
10:08pm 04-27-2011
whoa! good stuff Shad! great designs
8:39am 04-18-2011
Just drenched in the wow factor.
9:51pm 04-13-2011
Nice looking guitars, I hope they sound as good as they look, very cool!
10:15am 02-14-2011
I'm impressed : )
7:53pm 02-09-2011
thanks everyone!
6:35pm 02-06-2011
brett peters
hey shad , i like the guitars and the new website!
12:14am 02-05-2011
duh Padma
Nice site...just keep doing what you doing.
duh Padma
4:18pm 02-03-2011
Well done! I'm impressed!
6:35am 02-03-2011
Looking good!
8:36pm 02-02-2011
Big fan of what I've seen so far!
5:05pm 02-02-2011
Love the site , great job.
1:09pm 02-02-2011
Erika Macartney
Great work!
12:59pm 02-02-2011
it looks great shad!
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