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3:31pm 08-12-2012
6:49pm 07-19-2012
Muy bellas guitarras. Son una muestra del enorme talento de los artistas en contraste con la mezquindad de los productores que fabrican en serie

1:55pm 07-02-2012
Stunning guitars.
11:45am 05-03-2012
like the looks of your guitars. good job.
7:19am 03-23-2012
Beautiful handcrafted work Shad, very organic
11:09am 02-03-2012
Jason Schroeder
Shad, incredible work. Love the original designs and your attitude toward building guitars.
4:08pm 01-25-2012
Amazing work! Will have to talk to Shad about a custom in the future.
9:48am 01-23-2012
Shad-great site-enjoyed exploring it. Great craftsmanship-beautiful guitars. Take care and all the best.
7:20pm 09-20-2011
The hellcat is a real beauty. Regards
10:38am 09-16-2011
wow you make some beautiful guitars!
6:23am 09-15-2011
Amazing flying guitars
8:07am 09-05-2011
Shad Petes
Thanks fellas!
8:01pm 09-02-2011
that "hellcat" is beauiful. congratulations.
8:57pm 08-28-2011
9:15pm 08-23-2011
Amazing stuff. now i just need to learn how to play one then i'll get one from you
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