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11:05am 08-24-2012
These are seriously amazing! You have some true talent.

10:05pm 08-23-2012
just awesome!!!!!!!
12:26pm 08-20-2012
The Vixen is a true work of art. It is a true breath taking beauty. If you ever build an ultra light weight plain jane 6 string ya need to sell at an unbelievable price please let me know. I play a custom shop Brian Moore he made close to 20 years ago that I bought new. Unfortunately I've become disabled since then and it's too heavy for me now even though I only play on Sundays in my churchs praise and worship band. As pretty as my Brian Moore is, it doesn't compare to your Vixen. Our Heavenly Father has truely blessed you with a precious gift. Keep up the incredible work. GOD Bless you and yours. Mike Evans
3:31pm 08-12-2012
6:49pm 07-19-2012
Muy bellas guitarras. Son una muestra del enorme talento de los artistas en contraste con la mezquindad de los productores que fabrican en serie

1:55pm 07-02-2012
Stunning guitars.
11:45am 05-03-2012
like the looks of your guitars. good job.
7:19am 03-23-2012
Beautiful handcrafted work Shad, very organic
11:09am 02-03-2012
Jason Schroeder
Shad, incredible work. Love the original designs and your attitude toward building guitars.
4:08pm 01-25-2012
Amazing work! Will have to talk to Shad about a custom in the future.
9:48am 01-23-2012
Shad-great site-enjoyed exploring it. Great craftsmanship-beautiful guitars. Take care and all the best.
7:20pm 09-20-2011
The hellcat is a real beauty. Regards
10:38am 09-16-2011
wow you make some beautiful guitars!
6:23am 09-15-2011
Amazing flying guitars
8:07am 09-05-2011
Shad Petes
Thanks fellas!
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