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10:44pm 12-22-2014
exquisite use of beautiful woods! Maybe i could see or play one someday. Just heard of you looking up guitars on Rebel site, i guess they will be selling one. best of luck,, happy holidays
10:50am 09-12-2014
shad peters
Chris Wilson, I am guessing you meant David Myka , ( I did a google search for Chris Wilson Myka and found a gorgeous offset). Thanks for the kind words, I love mykas work, he does some incredible stuff.
6:47am 09-12-2014
I like the 12 string
1:59am 09-12-2014
I'm a customer of David Myers, very impressed by your work.
5:52pm 09-11-2014
Unbelievable craftsmanship... very impressed!
4:49pm 07-28-2014
Hi Shad. Your guest book is a neat idea for any business website. I am impressed! It would be awesome to see where all our site hitters are from. Thus I need to say We are in Morral, Ohio.
4:39pm 02-27-2014
Ive always enjoyed seeing the workings of Luthiers, since 1960s when a friend of mine built his own electric guitar, and very good engraving.
9:38am 01-23-2014
Thanks Patrick!
9:46am 01-10-2014
Hello Shad
I was going over my December 2012 Premier Guitar issue .So glad I did . Your article just grabbed hold of me and pulled me in . Your designs and workmanship excited me .I am inspired !
10:57am 08-22-2013
My dear friends, Lowell Goodman and Harriet Thomas turned me on to your work...and, fine artisanship it is. My very best to you. -angela
5:33pm 05-02-2013
Shad, just stopped by after hearing about the mishap on the Les Paul Forum. You build some very beautiful instruments.
10:12am 04-02-2013
thanks brandon!
10:38pm 03-21-2013
I clicked on "gallery" and my jaw is still hanging open even after navigating back to the guestbook!
5:19pm 03-15-2013
VERY neat guitars !
1:27pm 03-07-2013
Happy day to find such a nice guitars.....Rajden Västerås Sweden
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