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7:16pm 12-30-2017
I have a friend I encouraged to get back playing guitar. I have looked at many stores and websites. Your guitars are amazing!!!
Where are you located?
4:07pm 12-30-2017
Great-looking guitars indeed!
5:02pm 12-18-2017
Guitar that David T. Walker plays.
2:41pm 11-09-2017
Do you do fret and neck and hardware cleaning on electric guitars? If so,could you give me a round about price? Thank you
12:57pm 10-26-2017
Beautiful stuff, Shad !
7:58pm 09-19-2017
It's always nice to enjoy the artistry and beauty of a well made instrument and then realize that it makes great music...too much!! I like your style thanks for the effort.
12:10pm 06-21-2017
I work for Lucas Custom Instruments and Tone-woods, nice work!
I would like to try a guitar or two yours sometime!
5:41am 03-17-2017
Roger Ferron
Cool original stuff. Love the spruce top electric
8:59pm 03-15-2017
Sophie Frost Pander
Beautiful work! Never give up...
1:21pm 12-17-2016
Great work my friend.
4:31pm 05-14-2016
Amazing work. Beautiful
5:27pm 04-13-2016
Functioning works of art.
2:05pm 01-23-2016
Amazing guitars! <3
12:44pm 01-01-2016
2:31am 10-01-2015
Just found your website. Your work is magnificent! Do you teach building / take apprentices? Sorry about the fire, hope things are well. All the best.
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